We love reaching out to those who may not have a relationship with Christ.


We encourage repentance through Gods love and total surrender to Jesus Christ.


We're excited to help youth in deepening their spiritual roots and growing in faith.


We encourage youth to be a positive influence & to be laborers for Gods harvest.

Three Steps to Attending Camp

1. Read Our Rules & Camp Information
After speaking with your parent, legal guardian and/or youth pastor, Click on the tab above labeled "Tuition & Registration" for more information regarding Faith Week Camp. Be sure to read our camp rules located on our "Camp Rules" page. After completing this step you're ready to begin step two.
2. Register and Pay Deposit
Once you've read over the Tuition & Registration information and the Camp Rules, print off the registration and health forms and fill them out. Please include health insurance if you have the proper documentation as well as your camp deposit.
3. Get Ready for Faith Week
Once you have completed step two and talked to you parent, legal guardian and/or youth pastor, you're officially ready to join us at Faith Week Camp.

What People Have to Say

  • Our whole family is involved in sports.  All of our kids play sports, so everyday of the summer is full of practice, weights and school activities. But Faith Week is on our calendar. The school coaches know our family and they know that  during Faith week, our kids won’t be at practices, lifting weights, or any other school activities. We always set aside time for our kids to attend Faith Week because we think Faith Week Camp is important.

    Paul & Mary Deadly, Eastwood Baptist Church Members
  • I remember the first time I heard about Faith Week. Having grown up in a church, I remember the kids coming back and telling me stories about their camp experience, which consisted of good fun, food and music. The first time I saw our youth come back to the church from Faith Week,  I remember the testimony that they shared about what the Lord had done and what the Lord revealed to them. At that moment I knew that there was something special about Faith Week.

    Travis Wike, Camp Leader
  • In 1997 when I went to Faith Week, that’s the year I start to understand what it really meant to die to myself and live for Christ.  That’s the year I gave my life to the Lord and I haven’t turned back since.  It's been a truly incredible journey and you get to see more and more young people and adults coming to know Christ. These same people also grow in Christ, not just rededicating themselves year after year, but actually growing and doing something new for Christ.

    Shane Cantrell, Camp Direct Leader
  • Through the years I've seen so many changed lives of youth at Faith Week. There are missionaries, preachers, music ministers and full-time Christian workers all over the world that accept the call of God for their life at Faith Week. There are faithful church members all over the world who are serving because God touched their lives at Eastwood and Faith Week. So I would encourage you to send your student just to have an opportunity for that.

    Shirley Frances, Eastwood Baptist Band Member
  • I would say that you're not going to regret sending your kids to Faith Week.  It's definitely an investment into a young persons life and future.  There are going be little bits and pieces of Faith Week that they're going to talk about 20 years from now. The things that the Lord is going to do for them and show them at Faith Week will definitely be unforgettable.

    Sarah Stephenson, Eastwood Baptist Band Member
  • I grew up at Eastwood and whether or not I had a choice, I was going to Faith Week. It might have started off as something that maybe my mom had me do and now it's turned into a personal love of "I’m going to Faith Week." All three of my brothers and I have grown up at Eastwood and have been at Faith Week for many years and it's heavily rooted in our history.

    Craig Spencer, Eastwood Baptist Youth Minister
  • I am the youth pastor at Hillcrest Baptist Church and we attend Faith Week and Faith Week Unplugged regularly. We really see that the Lord speaks to us as we attend. It's extremely important for students to attend Faith Week for them to really hear what God has to say to them in the spirit filled way.  The word is brought forth in truth and in spirit and that’s exactly how we are to worship and that’s exactly what Faith Week brings.

    Kyle, Youth Pastor at Hillcrest Baptist Church
  • My son who had made a profession of Faith at church was really transformed a few years ago at Faith Week. He’s a preachers kid,  he knows all the church language, but Faith Week was a place that God chose to change his life. One way I know his life was changed is because before he attended faith week he wasn't focused on obedience. But after Faith Week Camp, man he’s just like “Yes dad.  Let’s do it.”  So obedience to the parents I think is huge in our culture and I really thank the Lord for what he did during that time in my own son.

    Gordon Small, Head Pastor at Eastwood Baptist
  • Faith Week has been near and dear to my heart ever since I was in the sixth grade. I was 16-years old whenever God called me into the ministry at Faith Week. I constantly look back to that moment every year that I’m there.  I look back to that moment of my calling and that’s where it all started for me.  I love it. I’ve been to several church camps, just growing up going with friends to different places and there's nothing like Faith Week.  There's something about that valley in Siloam Springs, Arkansas that just changes how you look at God.

    Michael Shelton, Former Student Pastor at Eastwood Baptist
  • I have been camping at Eastwood for almost 40 years and God has never led me to another church.  I’m a deacon and I've also served as the director of Faith Week.  We are very proud of Faith Week.  It's a great atmosphere.  The Holy Spirit comes and camps out with us and I've never experienced a place quite like Faith Week, it's just a wonderful experience. I believe Faith Week is a great experience for these kids and I know all of them leave Faith Week with a closer relationship with God.

    Elis Nathey, Camp Director
  • Faith Week is one of the most coveted times for us as a church because we get to focus on youth and impart and pour the Godly things back to their lives. We let God really move and touch their lives the way that He wants. This means that we're providing a Godly atmosphere, without restrictions, without the world’s influence and all the other things that create conflict in the lives of young people. Faith Week is a dynamic place to really house yourself in the presence of God for a week away from the world, and away from the distraction.

    Jeremy Rhodes, Worship Pastor at Eastwood Baptist

Why You Should Come to Faith Week