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Jesus’ question to his disciple Peter is same question He is asking to this generation…”Who do you say I am?

This Faith Week, we are going to dive deep into this question and its answer. Each student will learn the evidence of faith in Jesus and be taught how to stand strong in this hour empowered by the Truth of who He really is.

Our speakers this year include Brandon Friebe and Tyler Martin, and worship leaders Stephen and Mary Duncan with the Worship Coalition. The cost for the camp is just $260 per student.

Throughout this power-packed time, your students will enjoy passionate and relevant worship, challenging Bible teaching, individual church times, breakout sessions, team recreations, and waterfront and swimming and all the amenities of Camp Wow. We pray that your group of students will leave Faith Week with an encounter with God, ready to go back to their homes and school empowered to make a difference for God’s Kingdom.

Join Us at Faith Week!


Brandon has served as Assistant Pastor at Faith Family church in Fayette, Missouri since 2015. Before the he served as a student pastor and worship pastor at Destiny Church in Republic, Missouri. Before surrendering to the call of full-time ministry, Brandon taught High School Social Studies and coached High School Boys basketball for 13 years. In 2015 Brandon and his family surrendered to the call to minister in small, rural American communities. He is passionate believes that every small, rural, farming community in America needs a life-giving church.

Brandon graduated from Southwest Baptist University in 2002 and is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Pastoral Ministry with an emphasis in Church Leadership. Brandon, his wife Stephanie, and their two children – Kaleb and Kayleigh live on a small farm in rural central Missouri just outside of Fayette.

Brandon is an avid bow hunter and enjoys anything that involves hunting, fishing, and the outdoors. He also enjoys songwriting and playing music. He and his family enjoy riding horses and spending time together traveling when they have the opportunity.


Mark was born and raised in Rhode Island, and in 2012 moved to Springfield, Missouri to play football and attend classes at Evangel University. Since being in Missouri, he and his wife Abigail were married and stepped into full time ministry. They are currently youth pastors and have a passion for doing ministry together. In their spare time, they both pretend to be professional crossfitters - she’s a little closer than him. Their greatest desire is to love God and love people!


Stephen Duncan was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, IA and moved to Nashville, TN in 2006 to attend Belmont University for a Songwriting and Music Business Major.

Stephen spent over 5 years in the Christian music industry where he worked with hit songwriters, Seth Mosley (Grammy award winning and Billboard Christian’s #1 producer and writer of 2014), Jason Gray, Aaron Shust, and Unspoken. He was responsible for getting more than 500 songs recorded and was a part of the Centricity Publishing team that was awarded publisher of the year honors from SESAC for 2014. He also toured with Christian singer/songwriters Matthew West and Jonny Diaz.

Stephen is best known for envisioning and launching Centric Worship and was a part of developing worship songwriters: Lauren Daigle and Corey Voss. Since Centric Worship, he has devoted all of his time to traveling the country with his wife, Mary Elise, consulting with churches on worship and Ministry Action Plans, and helping churches become healthy in ministry and leadership. He has also taught worship songwriting at Colorado Christian University, the National Worship Leader Conference, and Gospel Music Association Conference.

Stephen, with his wife Mary currently reside in Republic, Missouri.


Mary Duncan was born and raised in Defiance, OH. She has been involved in worship ministry for 14 years and toured the country as a Christian recording artist for the past 4 years.

Mary is known for her innovative and personal approach to building women’s ministries and training youth and adults in worship leading. At Gateway Church in Franklin, TN, Mary and Stephen took an all adult lead youth service and trained a generation of youth to take over the service completely (from worship leading and pro-presenter, to Planning Center, lighting and sound). She is passionate about helping churches cast vision and find freedom in Christ. While partnering with churches all over the world, Mary wants them to know, “My role is to help draw the local church in to deeper worship, and to urge the church to continue pressing into their God given gifts with a renewed confidence and boldness.”

In July of 2017 Mary and Stephen welcomed their daughter Charlie Rachelle Duncan into the world! Currently, Mary, alongside her husband Stephen, resides in Republic, MO and is active as a Lead Church Consultant with The Worship Coalition.

  • Our whole family is involved in sports.  All of our kids play sports, so every day of the summer is full of practice, weights, and school activities. But Faith Week is on our calendar. The school coaches know our family and they know that during Faith Week, our kids won’t be at practices, lifting weights, or any other school activities. We always set aside time for our kids to attend Faith Week because we think Faith Week is important.

    Paul & Mary Dudley, Hillcrest Baptist Church Members
  • I remember the first time I heard about Faith Week. Having grown up in a church, I remember the kids coming back and telling me stories about their camp experience, which consisted of good fun, food, and music. The first time I saw our youth come back to the church from Faith Week, I remember the testimony that they shared about what the Lord had done and what the Lord revealed to them. At that moment I knew that there was something special about Faith Week.

    Travis Wike, Camp Leader
  • In 1997 when I went to Faith Week, that’s the year I start to understand what it really meant to die to myself and live for Christ.  That’s the year I gave my life to the Lord and I haven’t turned back since.  It's been a truly incredible journey and you get to see more and more young people and adults coming to know Christ. These same people also grow in Christ, not just rededicating themselves year after year, but actually growing and doing something new for Christ.

    Shane Cantrell, Camp Direct Leader
  • Through the years I've seen so many changed lives of youth at Faith Week. There are missionaries, preachers, music ministers and full-time Christian workers all over the world that accept the call of God for their life at Faith Week. There are faithful church members all over the world who are serving because God touched their lives at Eastwood and Faith Week. So, I would encourage you to send your student just to have that opportunity.

    Shirley Frances, Eastwood Baptist Band Member
  • I would say that you're not going to regret sending your kids to Faith Week.  It's definitely an investment in a young person's life and future.  There are going be little bits and pieces of Faith Week that they're going to talk about 20 years from now. The things that the Lord is going to do for them and show them at Faith Week will definitely be unforgettable.

    Sarah Stephenson, Eastwood Baptist Band Member
  • I grew up at Eastwood and whether or not I had a choice, I was going to Faith Week. It might have started off as something that maybe my mom had me do and now it's turned into a personal love of "I’m going to Faith Week." All three of my brothers and I have grown up at Eastwood and have been at Faith Week for many years and it's heavily rooted in our history.

    Craig Spencer, Eastwood Baptist Youth Minister
  • You know, there's a lot of camps you can go to, a lot of bells and whistles, a lot of fancy housing and no camp has good food _ (humorously) except Faith Week.  But, you know, there's a draw at other camps.  There are athletic fields and nice dorms and things like that, but often times you’re attending a program and that’s not what Faith Week is.  Faith Week is an experience. We prepare but then we step back and let the Lord have has His reign.

    Brad Forgarty, Camp Speaker
  • I am the youth pastor at Hillcrest Baptist Church and we attend Faith Week regularly. We really see that the Lord speaks to us as we attend. It's extremely important for students to attend Faith Week for them to really hear what God has to say to them in a spirit-filled way.  The Word is brought forth in truth and in spirit and that’s exactly how we are to worship and that’s exactly what Faith Week brings.

    Kyle Corcoran, Youth Pastor at Hillcrest Baptist Church
  • My son, who had made a profession of Faith at church, was really transformed a few years ago at Faith Week. He’s a preacher's kid, he knows all the church language, but Faith Week was a place that God chose to change his life. One way I know his life was changed is that before he attended Faith Week, he wasn't focused on obedience. But after Faith Week, man he’s just like “Yes dad. Let’s do it.”  So, obedience to the parents I think is huge in our culture and I really thank the Lord for what He did during that time in my own son.

    Gordon Small, Senior Pastor at Eastwood Baptist
  • Faith Week has been near and dear to my heart ever since I was in the sixth grade. I was 16-years old whenever God called me into the ministry at Faith Week. I constantly look back to that moment every year that I’m there.  I look back to that moment of my calling and that’s where it all started for me.  I love it. I’ve been to several church camps, just growing up going with friends to different places and there's nothing like Faith Week.

    Michael Shelton, Former Student Pastor at Eastwood Baptist
  • I have been camping at Eastwood for almost 40 years and God has never led me to another church.  I’m a deacon and I've also served as the director of Faith Week.  We are very proud of Faith Week.  It's a great atmosphere.  The Holy Spirit comes and camps out with us and I've never experienced a place quite like Faith Week, it's just a wonderful experience. I believe Faith Week is a great experience for these kids and I know all of them leave Faith Week with a closer relationship with God.

    Elis Nathey, Camp Director
  • Faith Week is one of the most coveted times for us as a church because we get to focus on youth and impart and pour the Godly things back into their lives. We let God really move and touch their lives the way that He wants. This means that we're providing a Godly atmosphere, without restrictions, without the world’s influence and all the other things that create conflict in the lives of young people. Faith Week is a dynamic place to really house yourself in the presence of God for a week away from the world, and away from the distraction.

    Jeremy Rhodes, Worship Pastor at Eastwood Baptist

The information above is given in order that Faith Week will be a God centered experience for everyone. It is assumed that all persons registered will cooperate fully. We urge you to go over all the information before camp with your students and parents and make sure they understand the rules.