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Blessed Desolation

Blessed desolation. How can one be blessed during times of aloneness? The term desolate as used in the Bible conveys the meaning of “left lonely”, “forlorn” (Psalms 25:16), “left alone”, or “destitute of inhabitants” (Jeremiah 4:7).

Jesus’ Example

One of Jesus’ major purposes on earth was to establish His eternal Kingdom and call to Himself “a people for his name” (Acts 15:14). He did so by revealing His true identity and purpose through the power of His Word and miraculous signs. But often times in Scripture, we also read that Jesus spent many intermediary times withdrawing from the crowds and escaping the business of society to pray and spend time with His Father (Luke 5:16, Mark 6:46). Apparently, He recognized it as necessary for the health of His relationship with the Father and essential to the success of His purpose.

Belief in Action

Likewise, when we come into relationship with the Father, we too are commissioned by Him with eternal purpose on earth. “If Jesus saw the importance of spending isolated time with the Father, shouldn’t we?” Though most of us have heard an exhortation resembling this one, how many of us actually believe it by practicing it? It is one thing to acknowledge that we should spend quality time with the Father, and another to give it necessity in our schedules.

A Desolate Place

Faith Week is that withdrawal for students to a ‘desolate place’ where the only things that are desolate are the distractions of the world; otherwise, Faith Week is a lush spiritual environment saturated with the presence of the Lord. His Spirit reigns freely and the power of His Word softens calloused hearts and brings to life dead souls. Students grow in their understanding of who God truly is and in turn come to grips with who they are in Him. Disciples and missionaries are sent into every sphere of society to reveal that Jesus is still accomplishing His original goal of establishing His Kingdom.

How am I able to speak of the broad impact of Faith Week with such confidence? Because I am a product of Faith Week and have experienced it first hand for many years. Consider sending your student or bringing your youth group to Faith Week.

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Craig Spencer

Eastwood Interim Student Pastor

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