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Friends & Fun

Growing up, I went to church at Eastwood and loved going to Faith Week.  As a youth it was a time in my life that each year was a new spiritual awakening for me.  There were many different things the Lord showed me each time. I would go to Faith Week and that would propel me into the next thing that God had for me.  I love to worship the Lord.  I love to be in his presence and of course Faith Week has always been a great place for that to come to pass. Faith Week has continued to have a lasting impression in my life and I continue to worship the Lord. I have been leading worship for years and I love being surrounded by others that are wanting to be in His presence.  It’s just such a sweet, sweet presence of the Lord whenever many of us come together especially as youth, there’s an innocence that each one has and it’s just really a special time.

Sarah Stephenson

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