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Leaving a Legacy

I received Christ while I was at Faith Week.  In ninth grade, the entire week I could hear the Lord speaking to me in a way that I’ve never heard before. I had grown up in the church since I was really little.  My grandmother always took me to church and it was justroutine.  That week I could hear the Lord telling me how much He’s done for me solely and how He would be with me just because He loved me that much.  Friday night after the service, we went to our tabernacle time. My older brother was there and everybody we were singing songs and we were praising God and people were giving testimonies. My mother came over to me and knelt down beside me and asking what was going on.  Obviously there was a different look on my face and I said Jesus done so much for me that I can never repay Him. That was the day I decided to give my life to the Lord.

Today, I’m a parent.  I’m looking to leave a legacy behind, a legacy for my daughter and my son to grow up in the Lord, just as Jesus did whenever he was with Mary and Joseph. I want to leave that legacy and Faith Week is a great place that I trust to send my children. There I know they will get the Truth of God’s Word.  They’re not just going to get somebody up there speaking and meeting a couple of friends and having a good time for the week.  They’re going to get an experience with God that is going to change their life.  They’re going to grow from that time with God year after year. And that is what we all want for every student.  A strengthened legacy, a strengthened family foundation…that’s what we all want.

Chain Cothran

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