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A Life of Worship

I grew up at Eastwood and went to Faith Week for several years.  Faith Week was very life changing for me.  It was there I would say I first knew the presence of God in a very strong way.  The preaching and the teaching that I received help mold and shape my life as a youth, especially with getting a deeper understanding of the word of God. There was something very specific God had created me for and it was at Faith Week I felt God’s call to the ministry and missions.  From there I had a strong sense of God’s leadership in my life.  I went to work with international missions organizations for over 15 years and I got to travel the world. I saw God move in a powerful way as people were saved and lives were changed. I’ve seen God’s Kingdom established across the world. Now the Lord has sent me back home to Eastwood as the worship pastor. Faith Week continues to be one of the most coveted times for us as a church. We get to focus on youth and impart and pour in back to their lives Godly things. We let God really move and touch their lives the way that He wants to without restriction, without the world’s influence and distractions. It’s a dynamic place to house yourself in the presence of God for a week away from the world. With worship what we want to do is not only just praise God and get wild and fun with the music, but also to separate ourselves to Him and abandon ourselves into worship allowing Him to pour over us identity, His plan, His word, the destiny He has for our lives.  So worship for us is not just something that we do because we have to.  It’s not something to do just to give a bunch of hype and jumping up and down and have fun, which is all part of it. Worship is really to grow and to go deeper.

Jeremy Rhodes

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