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Seeking The Lord

There’s so many distractions and so much technology and social media that we say they need a break from all of that to refocus on Jesus. So Faith Week is an intense week, there’s no cellphones, there’s no MP3 players, no iPods, iPads, computers for the kids and they refocus on Jesus plus there’s a lot of positive peer pressure. So there’s a little push back from some of the kids because they’re so used to being connected to social media.  We just believe it’s good.  We know it’s a great week and everything is geared towards students, music, and bible messages.  Yeah the food is great.  The recreation is great.  So overall we know it’s a time to refocus and come back and focus on Christ.

There’s a lot of campers, a lot of options, there’s a lot of people doing great stuff but I would say our track record over 30 years of doing this is positive.  We’re going to make it a positive experience for the kids and they need it.  You know they need it.  It’s life changing.  My son who had made a profession at Faith, a church was really transformed a few years ago at Faith Week and I saw a total switch.  He’s a preachers kid.  He knows all the church language, but Faith Week was a place that God shows to change his life. One way I know his life was changed is because before he attended faith week he wasn’t focused on obedience. But after Faith Week Camp, man he’s just like “Yes dad.  Let’s do it.”  So obedience to the parents I think is huge in our culture and I really thank the Lord for what he did during that time in my own son.

Really being transformed and really developing into a great witness for Christ is what Faith Week is all about.  I would say the other great experience of Faith Week was when we set up  a prayer room  — The room was literally pack with kids praying and seeking the Lord.  And I said, “Okay, God.  This is working.”  You know, we’re very pragmatic, but I can see the kids coming in for a sacred space, a quiet place to pray and seek the Lord.  We also had what we called write on the wall, similar to Facebook, only we literally had a wall where they could write their prayer request or they could write down their prayer and I really saw kids being impacted by that, by the prayer.

I would say that, parents should model a lifestyle of seeking the Lord and of getting away with the Lord.  So if they’re doing that, it’s going to be really easy for them to say, “Hey, this is something that I found works in my life.  I need to get away.  I need to refocus on the Lord and encourage their kids to do that.”  Now if they’re not focused on the Lord, we can’t do everything in one camp, but God is going to transform some lives.  I think the parents must set the example of seeking the Lord themselves and then encourage their kids to be part of it.


Gordon Small

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