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Faith Week is prayerfully laid out so that you and your group will meet with God while at camp. The following are things that you will experience: 

Daily Quite Time:

Each day at camp begins with a quiet time with God. Student devotionals are written specific to the camp theme and Bible study. 

Breakout Sessions

Breakouts  are tailored to specific relevant topics that students face on a daily base. Students are allowed to choose which session they attend.  


Morning and Evening Worship  are a full dynamic praise and worship service with strong Bible preaching. These times are consecrated to allow everyone at camp to connect with God and receive from His Spirit. 


  During the afternoons, students are given the opportunity to participate in various recreation events. Each church forms teams for gaming events and play each other in a tournament style rotation throughout the week. After Recreation, Free Time is given to everyone for waterfront and swimming, rock climbing, archery tag, high and low ropes course, game room, and the basketball, volleyball and gaga ball courts are available. 

Individual Church Time

Every day after both morning and evening worship, each church is given time as a group to reflect on the day’s event. Many churches use this time to worship as a small group and share testimonies. 

Late Nights are a great way to end day with some fun.

This year our Late Nights are:


Black Light Night Decked out party barn with glow in the dark paint, black lights, extreme glow dodge-ball, Hip-hop style line and group dancing, strobe lights, and sound system.


Western Night with Buford the Mechanical Bull, Line Dance Instructors, Hayride and Western style decorations


Professional Fireworks display.

Camp Schedule
2:30 – 4:00pm Arrive at Camp
4:30pm Orientation
5:00pm Swim Test
6:00pm Dinner
7:00pm Leader Meeting
7:30pm Worship Service
9:00pm Individual Church Time
10:00pm Late Night
11:00pm Back to Dorms
12:00am Lights Out

8:15am Breakfast
9:10 am Wake Up Call/Worship Center
9:30am Personal Quiet Time/Worship Center
10:00am Morning Worship
11:00am Recreation
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Breakouts
2:00pm Individual Church Time
3:00pm Free Time
5:30pm Dinner
7:00pm Leader Meeting
7:30pm Worship Service
9:00pm Individual Church Time
10:00pm Late Night (Sat. Blacklight, Sun. Western, Mon. Fireworks)
11:00pm Back to Dorms (Pack and Clean, Mon. evening)
12:00am Lights OUT

8:00am Breakfast
9:00am Personal Quiet Time
10:00am Head Home


1. Students are not allowed off camp site. 
2. All vehicles should be parked in designated areas. 
3. A release form must be signed by the parent and/or guardian and on file with Camp WOW. 
4. The students are not to share Medication. 
5. No one is to leave the dorms after the “lights out” (12:00 am) unless there is an emergency. 
6. No Drugs, Tobacco, Firearms, Knives, or any other weapon, Fireworks.
7. Campers Dress appropriately at all times, including swim wear. 
8. I.D. Wristbands must be worn on wrist at all times. Your wristband is your meal ticket. No wristband No Food!  
9. Attention Sweethearts!!!!! P. D. A. is a no-no. 
10. No guys in girl’s dorm; no girls in guy’s dorm.


Things to Bring:

For a more detailed & printable Packing List, click HERE.

  1. Bible and any other quiet time material

  2. Bedding (twin-size sheets & blanket or sleeping bag, pillow)

  3. Modest swimsuits & beach towel

  4. Clothes (shorts, t-shirts, undies, socks, clothes that might get dirty)

  5. Bathroom items (towel, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc..)

  6. Sunscreen

  7. Shoes (sandals and/or water shoes, tennis shoes or other closed-toed shoes required to do Rockwall

  8. Medication (which MUST be turned in to the nurse)

  9. Camera

  10. Spending money (or WOW cash card)

  11. Good Attitudes!

Things NOT to Bring:

  1. Alcohol

  2. Weapons of any kind!!! (i.e., paintball guns, pellet guns, knife, etc.)

  3. Drugs

  4. Sexual material

  5. Tobacco of any kind

  6. Immoral Music

  7. Revealing, derogatory, or inappropriate clothing (Girls and Guys-if there’s any question, leave it at home!!!) 

  8. Portable electronics are left up to the church’s discretion (Camp WOW and Faith Week is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items if they are brought)

Camp WOW Release Form must be on file with the camp for each student and leader (no exceptions).

Individual student medication is regulated by each church and their leadership. Medical staff is available during camp at the Nurse’s Station.


Each church is responsible for appropriate insurance covering their students, leaders, vehicles, and all items you bring with you to camp. For a complete understanding of the right insurance for your church, please contact your insurance provider or contact Louis Blosch Agency at 918-664-7100 or

Cell Phones and Electronics

It is our desire that students concentrate on the week of camp and less on outside distractions. We ask that you help us create this type of environment by setting appropriate limits and usage of electronic devices for your students. (We are not responsible for lost, damage to any cell phones, or electronic items etc…)

Grounds/Security Staff

On duty 24 hours a day to aid campers.